Brooklyn is full of freaks. It’s cool to be weird.   It’s a self expressive, super-trend of intentionally clashing design and style, all in the name of hipness.  From odd mustaches, to children’s haircuts, squeezing into ill-fitting clothing, and using castaways for accessories, the body is our canvas.  Printed dresses, flat asses, no make up, excessive make up, old and obscure belts, buttoned up, messy hair, and off the wall.    The dare to be different dilemma – everyones doing it.   Save the world, give peace a chance, and other hippyistic, sentiments.   Yet, its far from selfless.   It’s a cry for attention amongst a choir of whiners.   Should we care, mock, or join in?

Hippyistic: adj.  of or relating to hippies.  synonym: counter-culture.