The Road to Canada

We woke at 4:10 AM, in New Jersey, and were on the road by 5:00AM.  I was the delay.   I was loading the iPod.  But, I forgot the iPod’s car connector, therefore, we rode to the radio for all 2,200 miles of the New York – Ontario – Michigan – Illinois – Indiana – Ohio – Pennsylvania road trip.

It was cold enough to see our breath.   It was dark or dawn until about our second pit stop, near Daleville, New York State.  A town of no notoriety, and no manners.   As we drove north, the sun came up and the temperatures went up.  I didn’t get on well with the local fast-food help.

But, F’ em all.   I got my gal, an open, Canada-bound highway, Neil Young, Bachman-turner, Matt Ballamy and about 40 other rockers to keep me rolling.  Their music flowed as a rhythm for sipping a consistent stream of caffeine into my blood.

We drove up route 81 and then to 390. Eventually, we were in Buffalo.   We stopped off at a Wegmen’s, where we’d galavant around the grocer’s aisles, gleefully free from the car.  To me, it was a playground, to Jen May, less so.  She usually kept us on track with our plans.  This time:  Crossing the boarder and arriving in Toronto before sun-fall.    Her thrill to enter a new country, Canada, was bursting from her tiny face!

At the boarder we smuggled in fruits, vegetables and beer.  The sun was shining in from the clear southwest sky.  We celebrated our ride over the Fort Erie Peace Bridge.   We parked, easily, and briefed up the downtown of Niagara in search of lunch.   At first glance, we were shit out of luck.    But with a second and third look, we decided the first diner we saw would be tolerable, if  washed down with a Molson.   

Canada is quiet.   I suppose a Monday in late November wasn’t peak season.   Open the door, felt their eyes up on us.  We tried to shake off the cold.    The bar maiden must have wanted us to welcome ourselves.   We chose to sit off to the side.  She carried on about something uninteresting or another.  The people were as beautiful as they were inviting.   We ate a cheap lunch.   We just wanted to go see the Falls.

It was a very nice late November afternoon, sunshine and rainbow.   The falls were flowing!    150,000 gallons of water per second, plummeted and splashed!   

If only I could jump out and swing oto the colors, hoist myself atop, and slide down, screaming for joy as happiness pelted me in my face.   It’s simple science; the refraction and dispersion of sun’s light by thousands of water droplets in the atmosphere, appears as an arch of colors.  Yet, how fantastical!

Only 200 KM, two coffees, and a 20 minute nap in the parking lot of Tim Hortons, from Toronto!  We got there just in time to sit in lots of rush-hour traffic.  Who’s the simpleton now, Joe?!


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