el primer día D.F.

We arrived in Mexico, around 10PM.  There’s one mission: get to Riviera Maya, alive, before my event kicks off, next Wednesday, April 22.  Only 1,599 KM of baking hot terrain to venture.

We woke up the rental car fella from his nap, and followed him into a shuttle vehicle.   He jumped out of the car at the first red light, unexpectedly, and have a quick goodbye.  The un-introduced fella I the front kept driving us around the airport towards what we hoped was the rental car services, and not a back alley robbery. The neighborhood seemed seedy.    The rental car services had our reservation, but no car… they had no cars available tomorrow, nor the next day…

We took a taxi to our hotel, and they too had our reservation but no accommodations for us… We walked down the street for beers, tacos, and wifi.  We booked at Casa Gonzalez for about 150 pesos.

Most the people that first night came off as hard and squaty.  Everything looks better in the morning though.

Mexico City, is commonly known as DF.  Distrito Federal, the district where the federal powers of the union sit, but not belonging to any single state (like DC) .  FD serves as the most important city in Mexico politically, culturally, educationally and financially.   Ciudad de México has 9 million people within the city limits, 21 million if considering the greater region.  It is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere.

The city was first built in 1325 by Aztecs.  They called it Tenochtitlan.  Two centuries later, Cortés and the Spaniards would intrude and cease the city.  Catholic churches replaced Aztec temples and the Viceroys claimed the imperial palaces for themselves.

A super sized city, with little worry of personal injury law suits or germs.  Round faces, business suits and bashful women, Ciudad de Mèxico vibes with the best of them.  Boutique and craft flourish on the same streets that are ladened with abandoned buildings and graffiti, like a Bushwick, but not so harrowingly far into a second city.

Walking the streets in the dry heat, I made my myself dizzy with sugar treats, a penny and a half each.  Sweet coconut, fudgey camel, sprinkle balls.  Basic addition/subtraction isn’t a strength for em vendors and my weak Spanish makes it messy.

Rested with a copy of “El Narco” in Zócalo, the main plaza, the heart of the the historic cente(Centro Histórico), along “the floating gardens”  Not very international group of people, a lot a lot of Mexicans.

We visited churches and ate tacos.  In iglesias, sit and pray, thank and praise, a new city, a weirdly interesting culture, another breath, another day.  Stout middle aged women sold Jesus faced tank tops, crucifixes, candles, rosaries and the alike.  Proceeds to a cause.

It was day two and we were already a half day behind schedule, and on the wrong road south, but on ward to Oaxaca we rode.


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