Daybreaking Brooklyn

I never wondered who was on the G train at 630AM.  A solemn crowd, your average, tired, introverted, unenthused straphanging strangers.

Cool trendy New Yorkers go party in Williamsburg before work, right?   Patrick doesn’t work but why should that exclude him from partying before the ass crack of dawn?  Same interests as any other party, right?  Just before getting the office on time…

It’s a warehouse party!!  Most the block was warehouses.  We entered were stamped and welcomed by a young girl with a smile and green eye shadow.   Straight to the back.   Lights and beats and raging babes glowing neon on the dance floor.  Dance, dance!   Felt like a long night out bouncing about on perico.   Daybreakers!  Dance, dance, dance and unlimited free juice.  Dance, dance!  The coffee was garbage, but the yoga pants and pretty, young, happy, party faces!  I’d say half were on E or yay, but who could know for sure.   We were engulfed in a sea of hipsters.  Young transplant Brooklynites….