Alice Springs:  Named after a women who never visited, and a spring that didn’t existed.

Shelton was our tour guide, born, bread and drenched in the rustic ways of Australia’s Red Center.   His knowledge ran deep, and he taught with slowed, twanged, purposed words.   Shelton had a very Aussie-cowboy way about him, real rural-man wisdom.   He also had a terrifically groomed, thick dirty blond beard and a dusty black outback hat.  I reckon he was a bit intimidated by our New York media purposes, at first, but I swear him the darn best guide in the Southern Hemisphere.   It should also be noted Shelton ate his BLT with a fork and knife.

Alice Spring is a come as you are town with an eclectic population of 30,000.  I wrestle with trying to describe the vibe, failing to figure how best to calibrate it against American understood towns.  Alice Springs can’t be compared, it’s not a mesh of what we know.  Alice Springs stands alone.

The casino was the black hole sun of the Alice Springs’ universe.   This was a horrifically superficial and fascinating place.

For the Aboriginals, the casino was a cultural collision course, where 60k years of primal, live-off-the-Australia-terrain, instincts met the gaudy, deceitful, flashy, abrasiveness of a casino floor.   Even if was a dusty po-donk-nowhere of Australia-sorts.

For drunkards, the casino was a messy ending.

For the hopeless hooked, the casino was a cheap haughty fix.


Aboriginal brains tend to have a larger visual cortex.  This is the area of the brain than processes visual information.   Hunting, fishing, surviving? Aboriginals have significantly larger medullas.  The Pons-medulla oblongata contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting and vasomotor centers and therefore deals with the autonomic (involuntary) functions of breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. #Wikipedia

Euro-Caucasian brains tend to have larger cerebal cortical.  The cerebral cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.

The Aboriginals survived one of the world’s harshest terrains, and had the longest consistent culture in human history.  To put it into context.  Jesus was 2,000 years ago.   The Egyptian Pyramids were 4,600 years ago.   The Aboriginals rafted from Indonesia to Australia ~60,000 years ago.

To give you context of earth’s existence: If the history of Earth was represented by a single year, humans show up a few minutes before midnight on December 31st.

Euro-settling destroyed the Aboriginal culture in .5% of it’s time.   You can now experience the reminisce of Aboriginal culture, and offered attempt to make better the trecherous, when visiting Australia.   But, there is not much left – it was really a brutal fuck up, by one generation after generation the next, ever since since the band Governor Phillips lead Downunder in the late 1700s.  The Australian government is trying to make the best of a disaster.  Also, everyone is a bit too ashamed to really say sorry.   But, either way, it’s too late.   The US failed this way too with the Native Americans, just not as recently.

The Aboriginals are now fully assimilated into white-Aussia society.  They serve as a second class, minority, government-supported, misunderstood, pitied, saddened soul-sort in the new world order.   For as far as my investigating went, on land, and online, there are no more true Aboriginals left.  The last uncontacted tribe was the Pintupi people, in Western Australia, Gibson Desert.  In 1984 they were brought to settlement.  Something like Anheuser-Busch-Inbev’s “stabilizing” of purchased craft beers.  #SammyJ

Lots of words of bullshit, and a half-hearted, half-hollow, crack at redemption.

Sad for humanity – humiliating to mankind.

Yet – New Growth Cannot be Without Destruction of Old.

I forgive Australia.  But, DAMN.


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