Sandy Deigo

I turned, stepped and dove my body horizontal. Issac Newton disagreed with my attempt at flight.  As if I was about to one-up the Wright brothers.   I smashed my face.flat into the sand.  I didn’t catch the frisbee.  I took a second to reflect on my disillusionment and another to absorb the humility.  My face was sandy.   All of me was sweaty and sandy.

The sun was relentless today. The rays beat down a scorching yellow heat.  The shade from the cliffs receded to the foot of the escarpment, and soon was gone. The ocean was a cool Padres blue fused with a sage green.  My lenses made everything a tint of green.   An estimated 68 degrees for the Pacific. Today was beautiful and the fifth of July.

What a fourth of July celebration Pacific Beach had!

I rolled over and looked out the window. My eyes half open. Some loud truck or jet or aliens roared a deep rumbling, thunderous sound that disturbed my slumber. It was 7AM, I suppose it was time to wake anyways. I pulled a swig from the beer I stranded last night. Just as I suspected, flat and tasted like guilt. I threw it in the trash and realized I should clean up. I did, until I was distracted by the outside and went outside. California is oh so wonderful and pretty I thought.

Life is too.

Viva BEAR republic


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