Gem Around the Corner


I think this trip has gotten better everyday. Not because we are seeing better sights or going on more exciting excursions, but because the five of us have gotten more comfortable- more comfortable with each other, more comfortable with the culture of Southeast Asia, the heat, the rain, the sun, the mosquitos, the rain again, the haggling, and the overall discomfort of being in an environment so drastically different from home. We know what beer to order, how much a pair of genie pants should cost, we know the exchange rage of a Riel or Dong, and we know what “karaoke and massage hotel” really means.

Christiana and I stayed back from the group to spend the day roaming, reading, writing, relaxing, and of course, eating. We found a place to call home at the Blue Pumpkin, a traveler’s dream-come-true: cool air, clean water, big, white, fluffy couches, gelato, free wifi, and cappuccino that looks like heaven and comes with a tiny chocolate chip cookie. After a long day of scorching heat, blazing sun, and hazy memories of countless temples at Angkor Wat, it is just what we need.

Every guide book and individual, local and tourist alike, will point you toward Pub street- a crowded, but laid-back string of hopping bars, trendy-looking restaurants, and $1 foot massages- but hell, this gem around the corner from all of that seems pretty perfect to me.



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