Annie and I took directly opposite routes around the world. Monday morning we both flew out of JFK airport. Annie headed east over the Atlantic, hopping on a connection in Dubai while my plane took a path to the west flying up over Alaska.

Maybe you could say we hugged the world, simultaneously flying in opposite directions.

My flights were easy. The thirteen hours passed by steadily with much credit given to Dramamine and the Haagan-Dazs ice cream served by United.

I sat next to two kind Japanese women, a mother and daughter. They didn’t speak any English but we exchanged multiple smiles and they offered me a banana.

Currently it is somewhere between 4am and 7 am on Tuesday morning. The hotel curtains are successfully holding back any light trying to sneak into the room. A small strip of purple light shines through where the curtains fail to touch. A moment ago I heard the playful beep of a horn below which seems like the start of Wednesday in Ho Chi Minh city rolling in.

– written this morning



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