Managua 2 Guate

5 am bus from Managua to El Salvador on a Tica bus. We snacked, slept, and got off for border crossings. That sums up the activity. In the back row we were elbowed every time someone needed the bathroom we sat across from.   The seats didn’t recline, the passing landscape was sun soaked and beautiful.  It was an 11 hour swaying, and rattling ride. We got diner with a Holland man who had traveled the last 8 months and truly didn’t think highly of Americans.  We also ate with a NY yoga instructor woman who had way too much luggage and practically no trip planning skills. Good conversation.   The food was moderately priced.

The next morning we rode another bus until noon to the murderous capital city: Guatemala City. The locals refer to it was Guatemala or Guate. There was a lot of armored guards, razor wire and barred windows.

We hopped on the first bus to Antigua, walked circles around the tiny city with our backpackers for almost an hour, then found the Jungle Party Hostel. Great find.  We also stopped for gelato along the way.

600486_10151797785700183_69166790_nAntigua is worth its own post.


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