Surfing Nicaragua.

Good swell at Playa Maderas, Nicaragua.   Bigger waves.  There was some real talent out there. I tried to hang, but mostly got pummeled. I road one of the bigger breaks, spending most the ride struggling to maintain balance. Fortunately my board was massive. After that I conceded and moved to the waves that are less exhausting to get to.

The tide came in about 400 meters, almost all the way to the beach bar, where the chilled out people were enjoying the secluded tranquility of the beach and the company of each other.

It was one of those days you get lost in. There is no sense of time, only tides and day light. You could ask 10 people and not get a numeric answer. It was perfect.

The sun sets over the Pacific’s north end of the beach. Some evenings it is stunning, others it is just a sunset, but it always sums up another day in paradise.

We arrived in Granada, an adorable little colonial town, yesterday evening. It deserves it´s own post. I think I´m going to return to my hammock for an early morning nap.


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