Naked Tiger Hostel, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua


This is inappropriate for persons under the age of 18 and may be offensive to anyone. these are NOT my personal thoughts, this is NOT what I or any associates of me represent. This is what I observed and am sharing, without exaggeration, without personal gain.

Naked Tiger Hostel

Backpacking from age 18 – 23, through somewhere around 20 + countries, I have some experience with hostels, and this one deserves a post. Rising Cock in Lagos, Portugal deserves a shout out, as well as the Pink Palace in Corfu, Greece- but today its about The Naked Tiger in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

Its a big old Frat party. Having proudly lived in an American Frat House for the last 4 years, 32 room mansion, I{ve got the right to say this. Let{s break down why.

However, lets be clear. its like a Frat Party, but NOT like a Frat House.

The legends tell tales of the Naked Tiger with completely nude women laying by the pool and mounds of cocaine waiting for a face planting. This, just like in the Frat, is an exaggeration. Let{s talk about what is real.

First, it{s run by other partying travelers who have gained seniority. Bar tend, reception, manage, bark out the rules when they are being broken- all this is done by people who came, loved and havent left.

The longer one has been there and more they have contributed = more clout (for the most part)

Big drunken communal mess- personal items left on the booze flooded table outside, clothing tossed to the corner, dude passed out on the couch, my bed is your bed, your drink is mine.

Theme party- last night was gangsta theme. Friends closets borrowed from, clothing created out of what was lying around, tats sharpied on etc. Some people went all out, some half assed it with only a gold chain or a flat bill, some didnt even know there was a theme.

Women wore either bikini tops or Big or custom crafted tank tops, no bra. Bare boobs were sneaking out to check out the party about as often as drinks were being skulled.

Men were shirtless, sometimes in a tank top.

Want a drink? Tell partier behind the bar your name, it goes on your tab, grab the drink yourself.

They drank 1) cheap canned Nicaraguan beer or 2) sugary mix of plastic jug bottom shelf liquor. Handles were left just lying around for anyone to fill a cup with. Cups were shared, frankly, no one knew or cared who had which cup.

Drinking games. Started, sometimes finished, just an excuse to chat, reveal secrets, tell stories and binge.

The people were the same too. Even the sloppy dude with the red sideburns that connected to his bushy mustache, no beard, was pulling chicks.

Chicks were making out/hooking up with multiple guys. There was also that overweight girl, that kind of got ignored by almost everyone.

Then the chick that wore nothing but a gaudy neon blue bikini, ” wow that chick is a slut” said in surprise by the guy who just walked in, and on cue she bends down and grinds her butt against a stranger, singing along with the parental control rap bumping out of the PA. #No shame

Those who have a room already get priority. IE, you book online, show up, and the other people from the night before decided not to leave, they get the room and you dont.

But thats OK, you can stay on the couch. Stay as long as youd like, people are there for 2 days , sometimes 5-12 weeks. 10 bucks a night, until they start working the place and staying for free.

Its far from the town, but they constantly have shuttles. Its up a big shady-this-is-how-i-might-die?-half paved road through the woods, and sits like a frat castle, custom painted, open to all, especially to party

Its a place to act ridiculous.

The Difference:

Its mostly just a core group of about 8 people whom have been there a while, have created there own little family up in the mountain, and the other people are just there to support the party and life style. You can count on plenty of drinking even in the mornings.

The core group runs it, knows it, and wants to show it.

Its a visit, but a stay is a big commitment and takes you away from experincing Nicaragua.

You can find nightlife along the beach upstairs at places like Black Whale and Iguanas. The Nicaruan dudes are friendly, and have been great to hang out with. Some conversational spanish in necisarry to do more than order, buy, get directions or any of that other basic spanish help book phrases.


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