Bienvenidos Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur is a surfy beach town along the Pacifico coast of Nicaragua.   I[m a big fan of Nicaragua even though I can*t quiet figure out the apostrophe on their keyboards.

It is much cheaper, much poorer, much simpler and unscathed by commercialization.   Easier on the wallet, harder on the heart, but the people are very friendly, and its a pleasure to contribute to their economy in exchange for a share in their culture.  They are also better at helping me learn spanish!

The women and the cats both have big eyes, angled down/in, wide, round, doughy and glossed in a kind glare.  They have a unique look, very pretty in an exotic way.  The cats have bigger ears than other ghatos.  The women¨s skin is more of a cafe color, darker than Rica, more milk chocolatey than Colombia, I give an A+.

The border-cross took hours.   There;s a strict policy on crossing with a rental car from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, and vice versa.  Even if it{s not a rental car, its a several hundred-dollar fee.    The border should only be crossed during the day, in my humble opinion.   There were 3 police checks a long the way.   Some cars ignored, others checked out.  At the border are dudes with big wads of monopoly looking money for exchange.  The Costa Rican Colonas are not accepted in its stead of Nicaraguan Cordobas.   US dollars, still accepted.  I decided to hold onto my Colonas to exchange at the hostel with someone who is headed south.  Cut out the middle man.    There were beggars at the border, but better were the unofficial assistants who made the process much simpler for those unfamiliar with it.  Dude didnt ask for money so we just tipped him 5 dollars.   Beyond the border were run down wood structures that vaguely resembled tree forts kids built in the back woods of affluent suburbs.  These however were homes.   OK, they were nicer than tree-forts, but not by far.   Again the spirit wrenches with sympathy and the wish to help save the world.

The puppy keeps trying to sneak into the internet cafe and hide behind the desk monitors to keep his long black coat out of the morning heat.  The tall thin women is spot on at pausing her solidtair (¿sp?) game to shoe him out.   He just snuck back in though and she missed it.  #No snitch

The hostel Im staying at is The Surfing Donkey which is a much more relaxed and chill place compared to the famous Naked Tiger hostel.

Naked Tiger Hostel is going to need to get its own mini post.- That place is out of its MIND


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