Coffee, Chocolate, Sugarcane and Jumping Freedom

Don Juan´s plantation is open for tour in Monteverde, Cost Rica.    Don Juan clearly was a patron.  Coffee, sugarcane, chocolate and moonshine for sure, I allege more considering the harvest´s potential.    Quick overview:

  • light roast = higher caffeine (less burnt off), still, bean is most important.
  • Cocoa was originally a drink
  • Goats eating coffee beans is how we discovered caffeine

It was a great tour,  would definitely reccomend it.

Bungee Jumping

From mountain top to mountain top cable lines ran.    On those running cables was a red motorized cart that would take us to the center, high above the grazing farm animals.   The papers I just signed acknowledged that I understood the process and accepted full responsibility for injury/ vegatability/ death.  #PuraVida

We checked the straps and harness 3 times.  With a camera on the helmet, I looked sincerely into the lens and declared that I wanted the plug pulled if I was vegi status.

With the toes of my red Nikes suspended over the ledge, the Jump Master counted down from 5.   I suppressed any thoughts about the jump.  (4) I had no choice but to jump. (3)  I was there to jump.  (2) I was never going to be more ready to jump. (1) I jumped.

My mind went numb.  I was head first into a free fall.  That feeling of embracing disaster, that lack of control where you throw your hands up at nothing , yell obscenities, yeah, it set it.   It stayed.  It was unbeatable, even though I knew it was happening.  I was utterly terrified.

Then I bungeed.  Slowing andlaunching back up.  The feeling of weightlessness, reaching pinnacle and then dropping again, was worse.  My body was pumping diesel through every vein, my heart´s pulsating force was probably shaking the cart above.  I felt the adrenaline charging all of my muscles, in waves, from legs to neck and then screamed out.

I dangled.   My body and mind were still in agreement that death was lurking and pumping glands, body chemicals, hormones or whatever into my body to fight and stay alive.

I tried to document my feelings to the camera.  I amn yet to see the video so Im unsure of my success, it is very possible I just blurted giberishh and swear words.

I was just hanging, by my feet, above the world.  I couldn´t shake the terrorizing sensation, I was feeling just waving around on the end of that big ol rubber band.   I was not close to the ground, or the platform.    They threw down rope for me to attach to my harness.   The first rope must not have been for me, it was too far away.   The wind wasn´t helping.  For maybe two minutes I was paddling my arms and kicking my legs swimming through the air, yet ever so gently to avoid wiggling loose, snapping the line or any of the other 100 possible fatal outcomes that were cycling through my head.

Finally, I got the rope, attached it and was on my way up. Once I jumped off that platform, I never wanted to be on that platform again.   But now I can{t get back to it fast enough, just praying there wouldnt be a last second disaster.

When I returned, and was on the safety of the mountain, still shook, the jump master helped me remove the equipment.  When it was all off, he told me I am free.

He was right,  after that plunge, I am more free than I´ve ever been.


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