Falling and Water

Saturday morning a woman from Quebec asked If I was interested in joining her for breakfast in town.   I was awake yet still half in dream world.  My brain slow and groggy but this was a no brainer- she was gorgeous, but in a subtle and natural way.  That Hollywood film kind, -can´t help but to fall in love at first sight sort of pretty.    The Quebeccer and I got breakfast, and met the other French speaking Canadians for a trip to the waterfall.  Great experience with the French, they are easy to amuse and very polite.

Our first sight of the waterfall was from an observatory.   The green wall of jungle was ripped open by the blasting water that then plummeted.   A 20 minute hike down brought us to the water´s crash landing.   It exploded shrapnel of mist that dissipated into the humidity.   Droplets of mist and sweat collected on my face.   The was was very cool, but not cold- clear and forceful as it pushed us into the massive mossy rocks along the edges and below the hanging jungle vines.  A strong swimmer could keep in place, a weak swimmer would sink.

Quebec and I then hiked the Arenal Volcano, up Cerro Chato on a path, directed by little wooden signs.  We got lost, bit, rained on, and gravely disappointed.   Before I can type that story, and the one of the hot springs, I have a coffee-sugar-chocolate plantation tour to attend and bungees to jump.

I´m currently in Monteverde.   Stayed at Montelena hostel and am heading to San Juan Del Sur tonight with some Nederlandians.


One thought on “Falling and Water

  1. Joe – not sure this is the place to share our week with you but since you don’t have access to a cell, here goes. Mom flew out to Purdue on Friday, the 5th. Uneventful. She met Chris at the end of the day and starting packing up the car. They left W. LaFayette
    after Chris’ exam and goodbyes. Chris was looking forward to being home this week – it is now Monday – and then heading out to C.A. to meet you in N.C. on Friday. She has quite a nice itienerary already and will FB you with the details so you can meet her. The girls had a good ride home – that too was uneventful except to view the “Supermoon” somewhere before midnight in PA on the way. Dad and dogs headed south to the shore on Friday afternoon where we met Lou R. We started working on that ceiling right away, had dinner at Spikes while the spackle dried and then went back to work on the project. A thunderstorm on the water kept the pups a few times at night and then early morning brings Lou back to the house to finish up the project. All done, all painted, room back together. Basement bathroom door is fixed too. Can it get more exciting than this? Sure, the day ended when dad and dogs drove up to cousin Robt’s for a family getogether. None of your contemporary cousins were there. Sunday was a busy day working on the pond, the yard, cleaning cars, moving furniture, the tennis court pavillion, deer fencing – mom mom and Julianna were there to welcome Mom and Chris back from their overnight in PA.There was good sized red fox on the property earlier in the morning. And, Sunday evening, the four of us and the three dogs – this is getting pathological – went out to the cliff on the First Mountain – Highlawn Pavillion to watch the “Supermoon” rise over the World Trade Center site. Google Supermoon and you will see beautiful and mysterious photos of it around the world. The one tonight, an enormous orange ball lifting over the new Freedom Towers was quite a sight.

    Back to the grind tomorrow. Sure that your trip is far more interesting – that’s the point of going. Miss our walks. Had a strenuous bike ride tonight – getting ready for Toronto.

    Hope you are well and enjoying evey moment.


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