backpacking North- Costa Rica

I checked into the Hostel Pangea, liked em on facebook and got a welcome drink of “Guaro”- It was some sort of mango Marguerita garnished with a cherry and a star fruit.   It was too much of a fruity sugar blast of booze for my preference.   The hostel is renown for it’s social atmosphere and it lived up to some of the hype, considering it is the off season for traveling Central America.   May starts the rainy season which lasts through Novemberish.

Dinner was 1.20 USD, an empanada or some sort of Latino deep fried rice, beans, pollo mix.  I’d even say I saw some green in there-  health food!

 There was a group of 5 dudes from Vail, CO- all backpacking together.  There are a lot of people from Colorado, they are seasonal workers and these are their months off.   The group of 5, in my prediction, will split apart sooner than later.  5 grown males is bound to be a forceful tug in different directions.  I imagine they are smart enough to start splitting before snapping.     A woman from Aspen, South African blonde 20 something,  is renewing her visa because her J1-student visa expired.  She bragged  how she and her gal-pals sign up for 1 course, skip all semester, but maintained student status and Stateside living eligibility.  She’s now awaiting an interview with the American Embassy here in San Jose.   I liked her.   There were about 4 hot aussie babes, a surfer aussie dude, and a young guy from St. Louis.  3/4s aussie chicks were there then gone before dinner- the last stuck around.  She had this fantastic theory which she’s apparently proven.  Replace booze with caffeine.   Obvious, no?  It goes like this:  sober driver replaces alcohol with coffee.   Beer pong (10 min) = 2 cups coffee, funnel a coffee (20 seconds), every time shots go around, shoot an espresso, sip a coffee away before it cools, etc.   The point is keep with the rate of the binge drinkers.   Probably not as poisonous .  ST. Louis’ rep was at all 21 games of the world series in 2011, by my calculation.  He vended beer, cool guy, prob a fun dude to travel with.   Two ATL boys were fly by the edge of your seat, hitch-hiking, Hilton scamming and headed to Costa’s South Caribbean coast.  They were scouts for dad, the capital raised and the entrepreneurial dream.  I hope to run into them again one day.

As the evening was swallowed by the night’s darkness, our stories fueled by Imperial beers or happy hour cocktails, we sat pool side for 5-6 hours.  We were sharing traveling stories, reasons to travel, rumors of dangers and excitement, cities where fortune was struck and nights where the luck was in draught.   Sex, drugs, trust, ambitions, moral theory and philosophy garnished it all.  #Budget backpacking.
After a quick nap I was awaken by the dormmates packing up at 420 am.  No bother, thats what i signed up for.   I took a shower, well, was in the shower stall, mostly humpinig my naked smelly self against the wall trying to get under the trickle of scolding hot water.    The sink had more water pressure than the shower did.   The bathrooms were equally as communal as the fraternity, in fact there were urinals in an a semi-secluded nook of the hallway.
This chick I met the night prior, blonde tennis player from u of w, was heading up to the Arenal Volcano, towards Niccaragua, towards Monteverde, towards my ultimate destination.  Arenal Volcano is in the town La Fortuna, and  recommended to me several times.   Blondy-tennis was fluent in American accented proper Spain-Spanish.   She lived Spain for 3 years, which proved for some stories told later.

If you go to a country that mandates a yellow fever shot, you don’t get it, you’ll be quarantined for 10 days before being readmitted to other countries.   This moraled story was told to the 5 Panama-bound Colorado men.

The bus ride for 4 hours was 5 dollars.   The ham and cheese sandwich I ate for breakfast was 1 dollar and when I arrived I bought lunch, dinner and 2 gallons of agua at the supermarket for 6 dollars.   I later bought 3 pineapples (piñas) for 2 dollars, and a free orange from the TicoI asked directions.  The orange’s citrus bursts of juice shocked life back into my mouth.  I loved that orange.
They have activities in La Fortuna and tonight I need to make a move on what I’m going to do.
There is:
Volcano Hikes
Hot Spring bathing
Zip Lining
Waterfall Jumps
ATV Rentals
Party Boat BBQ
canoe safari
white water rafting
Kayak Safari
 Canopy Tours
Horse back riding.
and a few others of less intrigue.
We went to this little burger joint down the road called “NY Burger Grill Costa Rica” or something like that.   The owner’s character was a show of it’s own.   Jersey-bread he was a legend in my mind.   Unfortunately his stories won’t be shared on the web.
I’ll probably stick around La Fortuna until Friday and Jeep-boat-Jeep it to Monteverde.  One more night at the Arenal Backpacker Hostel, then 1 at Gringo Pete’s.
Monteverde-Montozuma in the south of the Nicoya Penninsula, Costa Rica o San Juan Del Sur, south Pacific coast, Nicaragua.   Time’ll tell.
Today I look for a Costa Rican barber to give me a Costa Rican cut and then canyoning.

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