Last minute thoughts

Totally thought my flight was at 11 am, turns out I ARRIVE in Costa @ 11 am. #typicalme.  Only off by 5 hours.  Better than the time I missed my flight by Rome by 2 days… Or the time I missed my train from Amsterdam – Roma because I was facing the wrong track. Oooor that ti- nevermind.  Blogs public.
Either way, my mother insisted on me confirming the time, and now I’m on my ish.
I don’t really know where I’ll go first or what I’ll see, but I’ve composed a list based on recommendations from bros that live in Central America (Shout to the Sevens and the Geni), websites, bros who’ve backpacked there (OHSY & Stump) and of course, my best friend, Christiana Rose Mecca.
Targeted Activities 
Sand-boarding down the side of a Volcano
Zip Linning- Canopy Tour, Rainforest
Bungie Jumping
Survive Honduras
Hang Gliding
Scuba dive
Hunt a whale shark
Deep sea fishing
Coffee Plantation tour
Beach relaxing in hammock with drink(s)
Hiking mountain / volcano.. some sort of scenic awesomeness to make my new fb cover photo
Mountain biking… mountain-motorbiking?
Mayan Ruins
Dive the Blue Hole, Belize
Cities to visit

Santa Elena, Costa Rica

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Mounte Verde, Costa Rica
Samara, Costa Rica
Montezuma (aka monteFuma), Costa Rica
Nicoya Coast, Costa Rica
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Corn Islands, Nicaragua (With Ale and his Latino friends [hopefully some mamasitas] for the weekend)
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Granada, Nicaragua
Caye Caulker, Belize
Roatan Islands, Honduras
Antigue, Guatemala
Chichicastenango, Guatemala
Tikal, Guatemala (mayan ruins)
Links that helped provide these rough plans:
Central America on a shoe string- LonelyPLANET
To see and Do:

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