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I arrived in San Jose just after 11 am.   There is a warm overcast and a bit of humidity but the city is popping.  It reminds me of a part of Madrid I saw with Annelise and Patrick with a street width walk, locals swarming and the walls lined with clothing and shoe stores.   

After a landed I took about 30 minutes to gain a sense of how not to get screwed.  Almost too vividly remincent of The New Delhi airport, local been all wanted to be my friend and get me a taxi.   22$ (like 1000 colonas) for a 20 minute ride…   The bus was 1 dollar.  I found the bus.  Different from India, when I asked the taxi drivers where to find the bus they pointed me in the right direction instead of being pushy.   The happiness is already shining…

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  1. Chris is already hankering to visit you. Better you two talk. Enjoy reading your updates. Keep it clean. Dad

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