MmmMmMM Coffee !

I was making myself some coffee at the office.   Even though it tastes terrible, I was just hoping to keep from falling asleep.   Staring at a computer
to read people’s pleas for a job via the curriculum vitae is dulling on the mind of someone  who wants to run around and play all day.

It’s sometimes more interesting to pick up the phone and just listen
until the operator comes on saying “your phone is off the hook.”

So, as I’m pouring the coffee I see a container that reads “chocolate”
With a burst of excitement I decide to live on the edge a bit today.  That’s right, I’m about to add chocolate to my coffee.   I open it and look inside.  OMG! white chocolate,
today is not so bad after all!  Yum Yum yum…my mind hums with glee.

Sprinkle, stir, sip.

Nope, not white chocolate.  Parmesan cheese.

Now I’m back at my desk sulking and picking at my cuticles.