A glimpse at our ways

When the sun rose and the airport filled with travelers, my brother and I headed to our gate, ready to leave the extreme heat of Tunisia and get back to Europe after a quick detour. When we arrived, we saw a huge crowd filling the area and a long line for boarding stretched from wall to wall. Without realizing that our tickets did not give assigned seats, we waited for the line to go down and approached the gate, which would lead us outside where we were to walk up the actual stairs of the plane. We were the last passengers boarding, so there was no chance we would be able to find seats together, right? Wrong. I knew my brother enough to know there was a plan. I got a quick nudge on the shoulder and a whisper in my ear: “Ann, I’m special needs and you are my helper. Go.” There it was. He gave me no chance to resist before he put his head down and went mute. Thanks a lot. As I put my hand on his shoulder, I thought about my inevitable afterlife destination below and boarded the plane. With no help from Joey, I played charades with a seated passenger for a few minutes before a light bulb of comprehension went off and he got up. The man was barely out of his seat before my brother plopped down, brought his head back up, and gave me his signature smirk. Mission accomplished.


2 thoughts on “A glimpse at our ways

    1. these are not my children – we just took them in because they were wondering the globe without purpose or direction. Jammer

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